About Us

Lux International Payment System is an Electronic Money Institution that was founded in 2019. The company has the EMI License No. 81 from the Bank of Lithuania since February 2021. The vision of the company is to build a solid ground for its customers, both private and corporate, enabling them to manage their financial affairs more easily online.

LuxPay Provides:

Private and B2B Transfers
Whether you want to pay suppliers or vendors worldwide, your employees overseas or to make any other payment, we got it covered for you!

With your LuxPay multi-currency account, you can pay and get paid from across the world.
Simplified Global Payments
We are a business, too, and we understand the challenges you face. So, when you open an account with LuxPay, our in-house smart routing system executes secure payments.

In short, we facilitate end-to-end seamless payments in any-to-any corridor at lower fees because we understand the business just like you!

Why Us?

We are like a family where trust and respect stand above everything else. We respect our clients and uphold their trust through our transparency, integrity, accountability and security of our systems and performance.
Customer Happiness
The happiness and success of our customers are our happiness and success. Our customers trust us because we make the banking of their business easier.
We are proud to have a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to delivering exceptional service to our clients. With their expertise, we can provide reliable advice and guidance to help our clients make informed financial decisions.